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Would you like to wave a magic wand
and improve profitability?
It's not a fairy tale . . . it's TRASH FAIRIES.

We provide clean, safe, reliable doorstep trash & recycling for multi-family households by making trash disappear 5-7 nights a week.

Apartment dwellers' #1 complaint is taking their trash to the dumpster. You can eliminate this irritant for your residents with Trash Fairies' service. Our service helps attract new residents and improve retention. Residents especially appreciate not having to empty trash at night or on their way to work.

Desirable residents are more willing to pay a little extra for the added convenience. They really like not having to haul leaking, tearing bags of garbage out in all kinds of weather. And, no more complaints about having to wrestle with heavy, dirty dumpster doors.

If you have space and recycling services are available in your area, a recycling dumpster can reduce the frequency-and costs-of pick-up from your trash dumpster. By implementing Trash Fairies’ recycling pickup services, you can experience improved profitability right from the start.

Trash Fairies' associates help monitor the curb appeal of your communities. We make trash disappear around your dumpsters to help prevent blowing litter and other appearance issues.


*Attract more residents
*Renew more residents
*Increase income
*Reduce operating costs

Trash Fairies are:


  • Experienced, responsive management

  • Screened, trained, uniformed team members

  • Courteous, on-time, reliable


  • Significantly reduces trash kept inside apartments

  • Improved cleanliness around dumpsters, common areas

  • Convenient, efficient service


  • On-time evening front doorstep pick-up

  • Service five to seven nights a week

  • Simple, easy instructions for residents

Trash Fairies is professional, friendly, and dependable. I recommend them with no reservation whatsoever.
— Tovah Garnett, Ross Management Services

Trash Fairies has been an outstanding partner for our properties. Our residents and onsite staff both absolutely love the service. We’re confident that our partnership gives us a leasing advantage that is refelcted in our bottom line.
— Brian White, President, Main Street Realty

Recycling has alsways been a challenge at multi-family complexes. Trash Faries has the solution and we are delighted to partner with them.
— Tad Phillips, General Manager, TFC Recycling